CC Outtake: Olds Ciera Rubies And Gold Edition

CC 202 39 800

Jason Shafer’s Whipped Cream and Cashew Luxury Group Thunderbird takes the cake when it comes to finding a rare manufacturer’s special edition. But then, the Olds Ciera Rubies and Gold Edition also isn’t exactly a common sight anymore, what with its genuine 24K gold leaf applique and microscopic ruby granules mixed into the paint. Yes, the price of gold was cheaper then, but $89k was still a lot to pay for a Ciera. But for the few that bought and held on to them, their investment has paid off handsomely. You won’t see these going to the crusher; more like the smelter. I can just see Jason behind the wheel of this one, with a nice, matching heavy ruby-studded gold chain on his exposed hairy chest.