Curbside Question: Do You Ever Drive With The Windows Open And The Air Conditioner On?

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I rather hate air conditioning, with certain exceptions, of course (longer trips on the freeway on the rare hot days here). Now I chose to live in a climate where it’s not all that necessary, and the last two summers were so relatively cool, I hardly ever turned mine on, if at all. Of course, my Xbox has very vertical windows, and is white, so it’s about as cool (literally, not metaphorically) as it gets for a car.

But this July is turning out to be a toasty one, with highs pushing into the nineties. Of course, that’s with very low humidity (30%). And around town, I just hate closing the windows. So yesterday afternoon in the hottest time of the day (94) , I had to run an errand and found myself hitting the A/C button but keeping the windows open. What a nice cool breeze to mingle with the fresh warm air.