CC Outtake Only In Eugene Edition: How Many Prii Does It Take To Equal The Fuel Consumption of One Continental Mark V?

Sometimes even I’m amazed. I was just walking back from the Y, and I see the familiar yellow Mark V that has recently taken up residence in our neighborhood (Yes, I shot it already for a future CC). But as I look down the block towards it, I see one; no two Prii in front of it. Hmm, that might be Outtake worthy. I get a little closer, and Bingo, there’s a third one across the street.  I walk across the corner to get a shot, and I think to myself: does the Mark V sip about the same or more fuel than three Prii? The Mark gets about 10-11 mpg; a Prius about 44. Too bad; we’re short one Prius. But this is Eugene, where more Prii pop up everywhere:

Just stand on any street corner and click your camera, and you’re bound to get a Volvo wagon or a Prius. But on the very first set of cars to come by? And both of them together? (yes, that’s a recent Volvo wagon just rolling out of the shot). This whole sequence all happened on a quiet street within seconds. It’s why I never leave the house without my camera, and always scan blocks down every side street, like a hunter on the prowl. In fact, isn’t that what CC is all about: the hunt?