Desktop Classic: Hot Rod Triumph Bike – The ’50 Caddy’s Little Brother

Mike, the owner of the hot rod ’50 Cadillac, has other wheeled interests. His driveway is graced with a 260Z (or was it a 240?), no less than three Datsun 510s (two sedans and a wagon). But then he invited me in, and what is sitting prominently on a desk in his living room? An awesome hot-rod Triumph that he is assembling from various donors. This is a very masculine abode indeed.

It’s been almost two years since he told me the origins of the various components, but I think I remember the frame being from an early fifties “hard tail” Triumph, the springer front fork from a thirties Triumph, the front wheel is obviously from a sixties Japanese bike. And the engine I’m almost 100% sure is a 500, since the 650 has the distinctive black cast-iron barrels. Or?  Oh; and Mike is also into vintage bicycles from the sixties and seventies. And he’s not married, obviously.