CC Outtake: Saturday Morning Heavy Metal

Lest you think all of Eugene is littered with old Volvos, Toyotas and W123s, we are a very broad-minded bunch. We love big broad-sided heavy metal too, like these old veterans from about 1974 or so. If you haven’t already seen them, there are CCs for both of them (at TTAC, for now). Warning: the Imperial CC was written under the influence of a very nice bottle of red wine: ’74 Imperial CC77 Town Car CC And this one here is actually a New Yorker, trying very hard to trick folks into thinking it’s a genuine Imperial.

It’s not like I’m trying to send you back there, but TTAC did give me a nice plug yesterday, and many of you may be here because of it. Welcome. Now let me get some fresh posts put together, and by the time you’ve read them, I should be ready with them…Of course, that’s assuming you haven’t already perused our quickly growing little library already (CCs on the right of the screen).