Saturday Matinee: The Long Long 40′ Long Trailer

Those of you you are CC veterans know that Saturdays are usually reserved for trucks, RVs and other species of wheeled (winged?) machines. While I get today’s CC put together, you can get a preview of its theme from a couple of clips from the 1953 Movie “The Long Long Trailer” with Lucy and Desi. Most of the movie is the usual slapstick stuff, but there are a few nice scenes of cars and the 1953 Mercury with its 125 hp flathead V8 pulling the 40′ trailer in traffic. This is obviously before The Great American Anti-Towing Conspiracy started.

But the best scenes are when they head up a steep mountain road; but the studio was wise enough to know the Mercury would be way overtaxed, so some clever cosmetic surgery was done to make a much more powerful Lincoln look like the Mercury:


And this section, from Part 9, is the famous mountain scene, which was shot on Mt. Whitney Portal Road, a very impressive stretch of road indeed. You can actually see Mt. Whitney (I’m pretty sure that’s it) in a couple of shots. The studio used a Lincoln with its much bigger 205 hp 317 CID V8. In the very first scene, you can see the distinctive Lincoln side molding that was painted over while higher up Mercury molding was added.

Actually, these cars have the same basic body shell, but the Lincoln had sturdier underpinnings and the big motor.