CC Outtake: Subaru Justy – Just About All Gone?


CC 246 051 1200

Dear readers; I have shocking news to share. Time actually doesn’t stand still here in Eugene, although it does sometimes seem that way. I am starting to see a definite drop-off in the number of genuine beater CCs from the good old days. Like this Justy; it just occurred to me when I saw it that I hadn’t seen another in way too long.

There was a time not that long ago in the early days of my curbside hunting (2009-2010) when these were very commonplace. But the recession has finally ended in Eugene too, and ever-more folks are succumbing to the lure of comfort, power, room, air conditioning and riding tall above the hoi polloi, and are ditching their little shit-box CCs for new or newish cars and trucks. Is it time to end this gig?

CC 246 053 1200

It’s not just Justys; where are all those Stanza Wagons? There used to be four in my immediate neighborhood. And the Coronas? And that classic Eugene-mobile, the Tercel gen1 4WD wagon is getting quite scarce, although there’s still two or three  know of yet. I could go on…the number of running Citations is getting precarious.

Folks, I’m just not cut out to write gushing, in-depth CCs on 2002 Oldsmobiles or such. It’s cars like the Justy that got me started in this business. And inspired me to glorious creative and journalistic heights, like my original Justy CC from 2011. I read it now and feel like such a burnt out old hack, stuffing car sausages, with nary a creative fiber left in my arthritic brain.

CC 246 054 1200

And just what can I come up with tonight? This Justy is the preferred five-speed stick version; the CVT that was available was one of the first of its kind; let’s just say they’ve come a long way.

Subaru Justy

And: The Justy is a very small car, best illustrated by this shot with an older Impreza, which is also looking quite small in today’s traffic. Maybe Justy drivers were feeling a bit insecure sharing the road with all those giant pickups that are selling so well, even here.

CC 246 052 1200

In conclusion: The Justy had a tiny three-pot mill, and was of the same class of cars one step up from a kei car, like the original Chevy (Suzuki) Sprint, and…ah…what else was in that class sold here? You see; I am justifiably ready for retirement.

But when I finally do so, there will be plenty of stuff in the archives; we have no less than three takes on the Justy. That might well be a record of sorts, for such a modest little car. Peruse them now, or save them for a time when Eugene is all out of CCs and I can finally rest. The end is…always getting closer.

CC Justy: Extra Justification  (by David Saunders)

CC Justy: Before Fuji Found Its Mojo  (by Kevin Martin)

CC Justy: The Mother Earth News-mobile  (by me)