Convertible Week Finale: Jensen-Healey on Skinner Butte

CC 247 073 1200

An exciting Saturday night out for the Niedermeyers? Take the dog and walk into town, stopping off for a bite to eat at a side walk seating cafe, drop in a friend’s party (briefly), and then head up to Skinner Butte, which has an overlook. While we were eating downtown, I just missed shooting a fantastic 1946 or ’47 Cadillac convertible that rolled by, stock except for a tasteful lowering. Now that would have been a fitting finale for Convertible week. But I did not come up totally empty-handed, as this yellow Jensen-Healey greeted us as we made it to the top on this perfect summer evening.

CC 247 080 1200

I haven’t seen this particular car before, and it’s the only J-H I’ve seen for a few years now. But driving up to Skinner Butte for a view, which included two of the snow-capped Three Sisters (volcanoes) peeking out past the foothills to the east, is of course what a convertible is all about. So it’s a fitting ending to our open-top cavalcade of convertibles.

Thanks to all the Contributors who shared their open-top finds with us.  And thanks for coming by and partaking. Any suggestions for another theme week in the future?



David Saunder’s CC on the Jensen-Healey

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