CC Outtake: Suzuki Savage – Now That’s A Thumper

CC 174 001 900

I used to read about bikes and stay pretty up to date, but that ended a while back. So when I ran across this Suzuki Savage, I thought to myself: “Whoa; look at the size of that single cylinder”. I have a bit of a thing for one-lungers, but I’ve noticed that some cheap Chinese bikes make their engines (125cc) look a lot bigger than it really is. So I had to look up how big a Savage is: 650cc. Impressive, but I assume that engine builder are better at taming the vibrations of a large single. And it’s not the biggest single bike: the KTM 690 Duke R has a 690cc single (natch), with a whopping 70hp. Things have come a long way since the BSA Victor 441.