CC Outtake: Getting Passed On The Left By A Speeding 1954 GMC Pickup

CC 199 017 900

Ok, I can take a hint. A number of you told me in no uncertain terms that I should stop being a left-lane bandit, and move over into the right lane, instead of forcing folks to pass me on the right. So here I am, driving along at the speed limit (as I always do!), and what comes roaring by on the left? A 1954 Jimmy pickup. Now I know these GMC sixes were legendary, but I assumed only in hopped-up form. Of course it’s possible that this one had five carbs on it too.

GMC with 5 Carbs

Like this one. Isn’t it nice to see carbs come in odd numbers?

CC 199 018 900

My kind of truck: lots of patina, eight foot bed, and hauling right along. Too bad I wasn’t driving my old F-100; I might have been tempted to get into a race with him. I got it up to ninety once; that was plenty fast enough; of course the speedo was wavering so wildly, that it could have been anything between eighty-five and a hundred, so that number is a wild guess. But close enough…

CC 199 020 900

There he goes, roaring by. Now that’s a bumper to believe in; probably weighs 300 lbs.

CC 199 019 900

It just occurred to me: if I were to post these pictures in reverse order, I could say that I was passing him on the right, and my reputation as a wimpy driver might be enhanced a bit. But then some of you would give me flack for being a right lane passer…can’t win.