CC Outtake: The Elusive Cutlass Supreme Convertible

CC 220 026 1200

It was getting mighty dark (and chilly) as we were walking home, but I just had to stop and peel off a shot of this Cutlass Supreme convertible across the street. I can’t remember the last time I saw one; this is not a typical Eugene-mobile. It was built for a few years starting in 1990, during the great convertible boom that was kicked off back in 1982 by the little Chrysler K-car LeBaron rag top. As usual for the times, GM was a bit late to the topless party, and they held back, since it wasn’t even a fully-open car. Modesty prevailed?

Oldsmobile cutlass supreme_convertible_white_1990

Here’s how it looked on a sunny day, with its large “roll bar” necessitated in part because the coupe’s door handles were (unfortunately) integrated into the B-Pillar. I don’t remember seeing these very much even back in the day.