Really Big Loads: Watch Two World Records Being Made; One For 1157 Tons In 1980, The Other For 4891 Tons In 2013

House Moving 001 700

That’s my younger son Will on the day in 1997 when we had four houses moved in a caravan, from the campus area to where they are now our rentals. Housemoving is a common occurrence, especially in the US with its wood-framed houses that move surprisingly easily. I’m going to do a post on that whole undertaking soon, but for today, let’s look at some video of some really big road movements.

Heavy Load 2013

Yes, this vast desalination plant evaporator weighing 4,891 tons is in the process of being moved over land on rubber wheels. And the logistics behind it, from it being unloaded from its special transport ship in Saudi Arabia (it was built in Korea), to watching it being lowered down on its foundation pads with old-fashioned plumb lines makes for fascinating watching, if big loads are your thing. But admittedly, this rig didn’t exactly go down existing highways.

For that, here’s another video of a 1157 ton reactor vessel being moved over public roads in Tennessee in 1980, the record (at least up to that time) for a heavy load moved on US roads.

Lets do the little load first. Some nice vintage police cars too, as a bonus.

And here’s the desalination plant.

Of course, even larger and heavier loads have been moved, but for shorter distances. Here’s a 14,350 ton offshore rig being moved 150 meters unto a barge.