CC Outtake: The Pent(chicken)house Bus Shows Off Its New Paint Job

CC 243 120 1200

As the home of Ken Kesey’s ‘Further’, Eugene is the one true Mecca for old school buses sporting colorful paint jobs. And new ones are still being added, like this International sporting a roof-top chicken coop, with several live chickens, of course. Nothing like fresh eggs in the morning; is there a chute that automatically rolls them down to the kitchen after they’re laid?

CC 222 086 1200

I first shot and posted this same bus a bit over a year ago in the exact same spot, where overnight parking is tolerated (for now; it’s getting re-developed before long).

CC 231 132 1200

Then last August we ran into it down in the Whit, and caught the owner, a woman, in the process of painting it.

CC 243 119 1200

And here it is, in its full new splendor.

CC 243 124 1200

I called out for permission to shoot it through the open windows, and was readily granted it. But her dog kept an eye on me; or more likely our dogs.

CC 243 122 1200

“I am the Lorax….”

CC 243 121 1200

The Subaru was running, and obviously being used to charge up the on-board battery in the bus.

CC 243 123 1200

Mustn’t forget the chickens; they look like the same ones as last year. Wonder if they’re still laying well?