CC Outtake: The Tall Bike – Keeping Portland Weird

CC 241 202 1200

On our Easter walk through Portland’s Montavilla district, just as we turned the corner, I caught this fellow pushing this very custom tall bike into the main street through the business district. I thought maybe he was just pushing it somewhere…but no. He was was getting a needed rolling start to get in the saddle for a Sunday bike ride. Which takes some doing.

CC 241 204 1200

If I had had a moment’s notice, I would have switched my phone to video, but this was happening fast, so I just kept snapping. he’s got a long way to go to get up there.

CC 241 205 1200

The bike frame has pegs sticking out from the side so it can be climbed like a ladder.

CC 241 206 1200

He’s just over half way there!

CC 241 208 1200

In the saddle, finally.

CC 241 209 1200

And he’s looking back for a reason; at that intersection he turned left, so he wanted to see if there was any traffic coming. Fortunately not, as getting off undoubtedly is as slow and cumbersome as getting on.