CC Outtake: The Toyota Man Has Three Projects Going Simultaneously

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There’s three old Toyotas in this shot. I ran into the brown Cressida wagon (in the distance) earlier this summer, and did a post on its youthful owner’s work in transforming it from a Broughame-sque beater into a Bosozoku-style cruiser. I knew he lived in the neighborhood, and the other day when I saw these two old Toyotas being worked on, I realized it was him. There’s some interesting things going on with these too, especially the 70s Corolla wagon, which is in the process of getting a totally new drive train.

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I could tell right off that the Corolla was getting a new rear end, and not just another solid axle like it had.

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Independent rear suspension, and from a Supra (I didn’t ask what generation). The temporary wheels and tires are just that; the Corolla will be shod with 17 inchers when done.

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He said he just needs to fab up some new mounting pads for the IRS. I wish I had been as adept with such skills when I was young.

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Under the hood, the Corolla is getting an engine out of an MR2; the legendary 4A-GE. And it will be backed by a five-speed stick. That should make for a fun little car.

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And the Cressida?

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It’s going to be his first drifter. He picked it up for $300, because it has a blown head gasket. And he wants to learn drifting, so the Cressida will be his mount, in the stock class. And here I was thinking its big six was going to end up in the Corolla. That would be a bit overkill.