CC Outtake: Toyota Cressida Wagon – From Brougham-Style To Bosozoku-Style

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Well, it’s not exactly a ten foot tall fart cannon, like those seen on serious Japanese Bosozoku-style cars. But it’s a start, and the young owner of this recently acquired 1978 or so Cressida wagon that has lived in my neighborhood has big plans for it. Since he still lives nearby, maybe I’ll document the evolution of this ratty but pretty rare old car from brougham-style to bosozoku style.

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Somewhat surprisingly (or not), there’s two of these brown Cressida woody wagons in town; the other one was written up by Tom Klockau here. This one had been getting quite neglected, and not used much in the last year or two. But now that’s in the hands of its new owner, it’s getting a serious working over.

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Maybe “gutting” would be the more accurate term. The owner said it was gross, and that mice had been in the carpeting, so that got tossed out, along with a few other things. When I first saw the interior, I thought maybe he was going for some minimalist look, but supposedly, it will be put together again, in some fashion.

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The big change will be air bags at all four wheels, so that it can be lowered for that pavement-scraping look, a major component of bosozoku-style. That work on the rear window has to do with dealing with some surface rust issue from where the window seal trapped some moisture there. Rust? What’s that?

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I’m looking forward to the transformation. And I’ll post updates as they occur.


CC 1978 Cressida Woody Wagon: I Love What You Do For Me, Mini-Cordoba Wagon  by Tom Klockau

Bosozoku Style  by Don Andreina

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