CC Outtake: This Olds Achieva Is Done Achieving

CC 205 090 800

I had just shot this Olds Achieva a few weeks ago for a future CC, when I ran into it again the other day looking worse for wear. Looks like someone else ran into it too, but with a bit more physicality. This is on Washington Street, a busy one-way arterial, and the kind of street where this happens not infrequently. Wonder if the hitter left a note?

CC 197 059 800

Here’s how it looked the last time I saw it, on a quieter street around the corner. Guess he/she wishes they’d parked there the other day.

CC 205 087 800

Here’s another view; debris from the broken taillight is still on the street. The emergency spare tire on the front must have been a coincidence.

CC 205 088 800

So how fast was the impact speed?

Fear not, Achieva lovers; not only didI shoot this one before it got nailed, but I also found an Achieva SC coupe, a true over-achieva if there ever was one.