Mopar Week Bonus Outtake: I Think JP Went A Little Overboard…

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Well, Mopar Week has come and gone. I had a lot of fun; I hope you did too. But it seems that one of our editors may have had a little too much fun and gone overboard.

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As you may know, JPCavanaugh is from Indiana, and a lawyer (don’t hold it against him–so is my Aunt Lori!). But he apparently has now chucked his law practice and moved to the small town of Monmouth, IL to start a new business venture. Guess what?

Yes, that’s right: A Chrysler dealership. Well, really, what else did we expect?

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I happened to see the place while heading back to Rock Island after attending the most excellent car show in Monmouth–over 1,000 cars’ worth. Jim, I’m sorry to have spilled the beans if you were planning some big announcement here on CC. My only question: Where is the vintage Imperial that should be sitting in the showroom?

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