The (Too?) Subtle Automotive Humor Of Mo Faraz, Part 1 – “Ombudsman”

Mo Faraz 300SL

When artist Mo Faraz sent me this drawing, the first of a series that he plans to publish weekly and sell, I was charmed. It’s reminiscent of the kind of pieces one used to find in car magazines, back in the good old days. Although Mo has sent some accompanying description of this drawing, entitled “Ombudsman”, and what he’s trying to accomplish, it seems a bit irrelevant to me. Or even slightly confusing, as the cartoon’s point is a quite obvious. To me, anyway.

Mo Faraz gullwing story

Or maybe I’m not getting it, at least as intended? To me, the whole point was that the “gates” are hinged on the sides, like car doors, so naturally, our Gullwing driver would like to find gates that are also hinged at the top. Maybe we should just skip Mr. Faraz’ attempts to elucidate his work? Or am I missing something? Or is he saying the same thing in more arcane wording?

Mo Faraz humor series

Either way, his appreciation for classic sports cars is spot-on in terms of the execution, and I look forward to sharing his upcoming weekly posts with you.

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