CC Outtake: Un-Eugene-Mobile #1 – Mary Kay Pink Cadillac

After last week’s original psychedelic hippie bus, and all the other moss-gathering old Japanese beaters I constantly subject you too, I’ve decided to start a new series of Outtakes: Un-Eugene-Mobiles. I don’t want to fall in the trap of perpetuating Eugene’s rep as a backwater of aging hippies, anarchists and eco-warriors. There’s a whole other side of Eugene: across the river in Ferry Street Bridge, our version of Des Moines. Although even there, you’ll still find plenty of old cars. But I’m on the hunt for the real stand-out exceptions, like this Mary Kay pink Cadillac SRX. Now a pink Cadillac does stand out, especially in funky downtown. Or maybe not…I just remembered something…

This pink Volvo 122 wagon: it’s one of the most Eugene-mobiles ever. It’s driven by the classic stereotype, straight-out-of-central-casting aging hippie. Except in her case, she’s aging very nicely indeed: downright attractive, if I might say so, in her long but whitish hair and athletic build. The two of them live in the Whitaker, a destination for many genuine original hippies fleeing the deteriorating scene in San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury around 1968 and 1969. Did she make the trek to the promised land in the 122? If so, it belongs in the Museum of Hippie Culture that some local promoters have been trying to get off the ground for years.

Back to the other side of the river and Mary Kay. As you probably know, the Queen of Cosmetic Pyramid Schemes has a long tradition of bestowing pink Cadillacs to her high-performers. GM figures it’s painted some 100k Caddies over the decades in MK pink, the exact shade of which has changed some over the years. The cars are on two-year leases, and then repainted before being auctioned. Wouldn’t want elderly hippies to be buying them…might sully the image.

Given the two-year leases, I’m guessing that this MK pink gen1 SRX that I also shot downtown about two years ago is most likely driven by the same Mary Kate generalissimo. Or is that generalissima? Now if MK offered pink Subaru wagons, they’d have a ready market for them in Eugene without the expense of re-painting them.