CC Outtake: Un-Eugene-Mobile #2 – 2012 Rolls Royce Ghost

Eugene is not totally devoid of Rolls-Royces, but the ones I’ve seen so far have all been vintage, although conspicuously lacking lichen and moss. But then I catch sight of this: a new Roller, on Coburg Road (yes, that is on the north side of the river in Ferry Street Bridge, or little California, as we call it). At first glance, I thought no; a Phantom in Eugene? That just wouldn’t be allowed. But then I realized it was the “baby” Rolls. OK; we have lots of old timber baron money around, as well as a few successful drug dealers…why not? As I finally pulled up alongside briefly, I caught a quick glimpse of the driver: male, about sixty-five or so, with long silver-white hair. Stereotypes are useless.