CC Outtake: Unlucky Number 13 – Should CCs Be Exempt From Parking Fees?

CC 235 054 1200

This Firebird is a regular downtown, always parked at a meter and a (presumed) steady contributor to Eugene’s city coffers. But maybe they’ve been accumulating too many unpaid tickets, because his or her unlucky number has just come up. Time to take some action; old cars deserve better than this.

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Maybe I should start a lobbying camp to have Eugene be officially be declared “The Curbside Classic Capital of the World“, and exempt all cars more than 25 years old from having to pay parking meters. They certainly contribute to the atmosphere downtown, and the more the better. It could be the basis of a whole tourist advertising campaign. You think I have a shot at convincing the city fathers and mothers (or is it the city nannies)?