What If: 1962 Fury Commando Sport (And Actual 1962 Plymouth Super Sport Concept)

(My appreciation of what Virgil Exner was trying to do with the 1962 Plymouth has been growing on me for years. I’ll show a couple of images from the early clays after the jump. But this “improved” version by Casey, which originally was posted on 2/27/12, shows its potential.  PN)

1962 Plymouth Fury—Re-imagining the great Virgil Exner isn’t a task to be taken lightly. I like to think that in this chop I just removed the awkward production values forced upon him. Besides the new roofline, and a bit of trim removal, the most important thing I did in this chop was to restore the curved sideglass I know was on the prototypes, but changed at the last minute for cost reasons. By moving the bottom of the glass out flush to the bodysides like Mr. Exner originally wanted, the styling makes so much more sense. His early “fuselage” styling is revealed to be the genius it really was. My sloping roofline makes his emphasis on the individual fender shapes and long hood, classic-era touches, really stand out, too.


Plymouth 1962 SS red 001 1200

Here’s the back of the 1962 Plymouth Super Sport concept, with the revised roof. This is of course what Exner and his designers were planning as the basis for the full-size 1962 line, before he was told to reduce them to essentially mid-size.

Plymouth 1962 SS fq

This is the same version from the front. These are dated 7-22-59. Note the curved glass, which alone would have been a first in its class. And also note how the door curves right up to the glass, in true “fuselage” fashion.

Plymouth 1962 SS rq

This is the alternate version, with a giant wrap-around rear window. Intriguing, but it’s understandable why the other version was favored for production.

Plymouth 1962 SS studio

The last image shows the SS in the center along with the other cars being developed for the 1962 line. They would still have been somewhat controversial, no doubt, but their proportions went some way way to making them more palatable. Or have I been drinking to much Exner-Ade?