CC Outtake: It’s An Avion Pickup Camper Camper Posing As An Airstream- I Still Like!

Update: An inquiry by someone writing a paper for an MBA asking if Airstream ever built pickup campers finally resulted in the very little bit of research that I should have done back then (in 2011):  it turns out this is an imposter. Airstream never made pickup campers. This is an Avion with Airstream badges. Sorry for any confusion.

The word “Airstream” conjures up the iconic polished aluminum trailers that we all know and love. Airstream also (belatedly) got into the motor home side of the business, although not with the success that might have been expected. And they built pickup campers too, and very nice ones at that (update: not!). This is one, snuggled into that rugged ’76 F-350, is a very nice combination indeed. I admit, this is a bit more realistic as an alternative to our Chinook than the old Ford and camper I swooned about recently. I’m a bit too woo-woo when it come to old stuff…duh! But this, hey; it’s only thirty-five years young! And it even sports louvers on the hood; and I just realized the hubcap on that car under the cover looks like off an early Jeep Wagoneer or J-Series truck. need to go back…

I’ve often wrestled with the advantages of a pickup camper on a newer truck, versus having to keep two old rigs running. The pros and cons make for interesting mental games while rolling down the highway, but then the reality of actually undertaking it seems too…well, let’s just say I tend to get attached to my stuff: I’m a curator, at heart. Twelve old houses, two old trucks, and a passel of old lawnmowers…speaking of which, one or two of those old houses need some attention right now, otherwise I’ll never get out of town in the camper by the 11th.

Wonder what’s under the louvers?