Cohort Sighting: BMW 2000CS – A Pretty Rare Bird

BMW 2000C fq

Representatives of this car’s next evolution, the almost universally-praised E9 six-cylinder coupes with its new front end design, are typically well kept and not that uncommon. But the four-cylinder 2000C and 2000CS are fairly rare birds, its front end styling undoubtedly playing a major role in that. It was somewhat controversial from the start, and when the revised front end arrived, the original ended up in the BMW dog-house: Blunt, bare, odd. And of course Corvair-like, but with quite a pronounced overbite. But the rear didn’t need changing…

BMW 2000C rq

jmg3rd shot this, in Colorado. But it looks like this coupe may be a recent import from Europe and not yet be sporting plates, or maybe they were taken off for the little gathering of old BMWs where it was found. So perhaps this one has a happy pampered life ahead of it yet after all. It does look a bit worse for wear.

BMW 3200_CS

The 2000C and CS arrived in 1965, in part to show off the latest evolution of BMW’s Neue Klasse four cylinder engine as well as to replace the out-going 3200 CS coupe (above), which donated its roof design to its successor. The V8 3200 CS was the last gasp for BMW’s post-war luxury assault, before it put all its eggs into the four cylinder Neue Klasse. But that wouldn’t last long, and before long BMW was making V8s again in its second assault on Mercedes, this time more successfully.