CC Outtake: VW Beetle Harlequin – The Non-Factory Version

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This used to be a more common sight back in the day, one of the great advantages of the VW Beetle’s glacial evolution. After I had my nasty accident with my white ’63, I found an old black ’56 sitting in some folk’s field that donated its front end sheet metal. Black and White; not as colorful as this one. Actually, since this is a Super Beetle, it’s front end parts are precisely the ones that won’t fit on a regular Beetle.

VW made the multicolored Beetle famous in a 1960s ad, but then it went a giant step further: in 1996, the built multicolored Harlequin Golfs for sale, in the US, one year after offering a Polo Harlequin in Europe. But they’re mighty rare; I haven’t found one yet in colorful Eugene..

VW 1960 Harlequin beetle_ad

Here’s the inspiration, although undoubtedly folks had been doing this with VWs for some time already.

VW 1996 Harlequin Polo

1,000 1995 Harlequin Polos were planned for production, but demand increased that to 3,800. They are still spotted from time to time on the streets.

VW 1996 Golf Harlequin

Only 264 Golf Harlequins were built and sold in the US. Some 100 are accounted for in a registry. Apparently they sell for a slight premium over a regular Golf, but given how old they are now, that’s probably mostly irrelevant. If anyone sees one, make sure to send us a pic.