Curbside Classic: Dodge 2000 GTX – The Galant Canadian

Dodge 2000 GTX

Dodge 2000 GTX? What the heck is that? While GTX is in the name it is completely unrelated to the much earlier and muscular Plymouth GTX. The Dodge 2000 GTX is simply a re-badged Mitsubishi Galant sold only on the Canadian market. Mitsubishi had no official presence in Canada at the time but mother Mopar was willing as always to play musical badging up North.


The sixth generation of the Mitsubishi Galant appeared in 1987 and promptly won the Car of the Year award in Japan. It took until 1989 for the Galant to arrive in North America. Marketed as a sporty alternative the Toyota Camry or Honda Accord the US specification Galant was met with generally positive reviews. Notably the Galant was praised for slick handling while preserving good ride quality and possessing reasonably quick engines. Motor Trend even liked it enough to name the Galant Import Car of the Year.

Dodge 2000 GTX (1)

Lacking any Mitsubishi official presence in Canada the Galant was launched, also in 1989, as the Dodge 2000 GTX. It differed only in badging from its Mitsubishi source. Base, Premium and Premium DOHC were the three trims that were offered at launch time. The 2000 in the name indicated the approximately 2000 cubic centimeters of displacement of its engine. The base and Premium models offered a reasonable 103hp 2.0L SOHC four. Those who stepped up to the DOHC engine were treated to a 135hp 2.0L four cylinder which allowed a relatively rapid 0-60mph time of just 8.2 seconds. This was the same 4g63 engine offered in the more well known Eagle Talon and Plymouth Laser. Unfortunately Canada never received the more powerful turbocharged model that was offered in the United States in 1991 and 1992 so 135hp was as good as it got. The top line car also received active steering and suspension systems. Nineteen ninety saw the availability of all wheel drive which added up to an impressive high tech package for the era.

Dodge 2000 GTX (3)

This particular example is a lower specification car from 1989 or 1990 with some low rent aftermarket wheel covers fitted.

Dodge 2000 GTX (6)

A quick peek inside shows an attractive dashboard layout with high quality materials. It has certainly held up quite well over the years. A five speed manual would have been the base transmission but the first owner’s selection of a somewhat fragile four speed automatic transmission is evident.

Dodge 2000 GTX (2)

While the auto rags found much to like in the 2000 GTX a lack of marketing relegated it to mere curiosity status in the market rather than a credible sales threat to the Camry or Accord. The local Chrysler/Dodge dealership would likely have pushed its customers towards a similar sized but less sophisticated Dynasty or Acclaim.

Eagle 2000 GTX

For 1991 Chrysler Canada decided to re-badge the 2000 GTX as an Eagle and again it differed from the Galant in badges only. At the same time the 2000 GTX followed the Galant with a mild refresh including an updated grill. Our example here is fitted with some larger aftermarket wheels and window tint but otherwise stock looking. The 2000 GTX joined an Eagle line-up which was an eclectic mix of oddballs, cast offs and orphans but surprisingly while neither car is common today I would say I see more Eagle variants than Dodge ones. The Eagle 2000 GTX was sold from 1991 to 1993 before being axed in favor of an over hauled Chrysler line up including the full sized LH sedans, compact Neon as well as the soon to be introduced and similarly sized Breeze/Cirrus/Status triplets.

Dodge 2000 GTX (5)

While this slightly battered base model Dodge 2000 GTX is unlikely to set anyone’s heart aflutter it was an important car that allowed Chrylser Canada to offer customers something a bit more modern than a K-car variant. The higher specification examples offered a glimpse ahead with their powerful DOHC four cylinder engines and available all wheel drive. Survivors here in Canada are rare due to low sales and orphan status but a determined person could more easily source Galant parts south of the border.