CC Outtake: What’s Scratching and Eating This Seville?

CC 229 156 1200

Sorry; this is not going to by my opus on this generation Seville; that will have to await another day (will it be a Deadly Sin to make it four for four?) You’ll have to wait a bit longer. But this particular example did catch my eye, and not just because of the aftermarket “padded” vinyl roof. Something has been attacking this car; I guess whatever it is, it really doesn’t like it.

CC 229 160 1200

Deep scratches on the hood, right above where the Northstar V8 sits. Is it an animal, or did someone vent their anger at an expensive repair bill when a head gasket let loose?

CC 229 161 1200

And it’s not limited to the hood. These don’t all look like normal wear damage to me. Well, if there’s something to hate on with this car, the engine and vinyl top are certainly the best places to start.

CC 229 159 1200

Did the driver get tired of looking at that piece of tacked-on padding, and give the covering a yank one day?

CC 229 163 1200

Or is it racoons, or cats, a bear, or…just me?

CC 229 164 1200

Looks like a box cutter was employed here. Maybe a big flap of fabric was trailing in the slip stream.

CC 229 167 1200

Strange little round pock marks…this Seville is a crime scene mystery on wheels. Love those “gold” snaps, or whatever they’re supposed to be. More mystery.

CC 229 158 1200

Yes, this generation Seville was a pretty good looking car; finally a worthy successor to the gen1 Seville, which was also a pretty good looking car, in the American idiom. Chuck Jordan finally acknowledged that the influence of the Mercedes W126 and W124 could no longer be ignored, but didn’t ape them either. But something’s clearly eating (or hating) on this one.

CC 229 157 1200

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