Spotted While Driving, or I Just Can’t Find Enough CCs Parked So Far This Year


The CCs have been out in force this spring and summer here in Rustopia, but unfortunately I’m not finding very many of them parked. Fortunately, my iPhone is usually tethered to my car stereo, so it’s easy for me to snap quick shots of these cars in action when I am stopped at a light. That means I usually photograph the butt end of them. But when you pull up behind a ’67 Dodge Dart, you do what you gotta do. Confidential to JPCavanaugh: I photographed this near your neighborhood, and it turned off onto a side street just after I took this photo. Your mission is to find this car, photograph it extensively, and give it a proper CC writeup.


Speaking of Roaches of the Road…A bodies are still incredibly plentiful, of course, but the six-window examples are really thinning out now. I got just enough of a glimpse of this one’s front clip as it passed me to date it to 1985-88.


The tail lights on this Caprice date it to close to the end of this generation of the B body. It was mildly donked, as so many of these are now.


This ’69 Mustang was out for a joy ride on one of the first really nice days this spring.


As was this ’84-’86 Mustang LX convertible. These two Mustangs are a real study in contrast: fat muscle car vs. trim and proper cruiser.


Speaking of convertibles, I came up behind this VW Cabriolet waiting to turn within spitting distance of my house.


I was leaving a shopping center when I passed this early Cavalier coupe. It was still parked, but unfortunately by the time I came back around and found a place to put my car, the owner was driving away. I really would have liked to photograph this one extensively, as it’s in remarkably good condition.


Here’s another example of basic transportation. Mercury didn’t try very hard to mask that the ’91-’96 Tracer was just a Ford Escort with Mercury styling cues tacked on.


I pulled up alongside this ’85-‘89 Mazda 323 SE in Shelbyville just a few weeks ago. These are rare in Indiana. I probably haven’t seen one in 10 years.


Another basic car I haven’t seen in ages is the NUMMI-built, Toyota Corolla-based Chevy Nova of 1984-88. This one looks pretty solid.


I always liked the Dodge Stealth’s styling a little bit better than that of the Mitsubishi 3000GT. This one pulled into the next subdivision over from mine, so maybe I’ll see it again.


I shared part of my morning drive with this ’90-’93 Accord wagon recently. That dealer sticker pegs it as a local that has done 20 plus years of commuter duty.


I was not a big fan of this-generation Chevy truck’s styling, probably because I always felt like the previous generation Chevy truck was the best-looking truck ever. But these are seldom found anymore, and it was great to see this one still earning its keep. Based on the glimpse of the grille and headlights I got as it passed me, I’d say this truck is from about 1986.


I was a little more excited, however, to see this truck still working for a living. It looks mid-60s to me – could one of you Ford fans date it more precisely?


Finally, I spotted this ’63 Fairlane for sale on a busy road up in Zionsville. It was listed on Craigslist for quite some time before disappearing recently. The Craigslist photos showed a very nice car except for that door damage.

This was one of the few parked CC’s I’ve found this year, and it’s a shame I didn’t have time to stop and do this Fairlane justice. I need to start finding more parked CCs soon, or I’m going to run out of things to write about!