CC For Sale: 1965 Chrysler New Yorker Two-Door Hardtop – Is $999 Next?

CC 265 044 1200

Here’s one for you hard core big old Chrysler lovers: a ’65 New Yorker, a two door hardtop, no less. I saw it sitting along Hwy 99 in Junction City, and I just had to pull over. I’ve always had a thing for ’65-’66 Chrysler, and the New Yorker had a two-door hardtop roof that was unique to itself. Well, not that it was all that unique.

Chrysler 1965 roof styles-24

As is quite obvious, the two door hardtop “hat” is the exact same as the four door hardtop “hat”, a little hat trick that Chrysler indulged in, obviously lacking the money to create a unique coupe for just the New Yorker.

Chrysler 1965 NY coupe

I couldn’t get a decent shot of this car in profile, so here’s one to give you an idea of what it once looked like. And what it can again, if someone’s willing to spend the money.

CC 265 046 1200

The sign is severely faded, and the 2 has been written over by a 1. Maybe the 1 will get crossed out eventually, or is it worth $1999? Hey, it’s got a new transmission.

CC 265 047 1200

The dramatic dash looks reasonably intact; not even except for that big crack on that padded vinyl cover.

CC 265 048 1200

Which is not the case with the upholstery. Looks like it was covered at one point in a taxi-cab worthy blck vinyl, bu the driver’s seat is back to the original material.

CC 265 051 1200

The back is going too. Well, anything is replaceable, for a price.

CC 265 056 1200

The headlight covers were a nice touch, on the New Yorker and 300, to help distinguish them from the plebeian Newport. Behind the grill sits a 413 RB V8, rated at 340 hp. Tough stuff; the 413 became legendary in the motorhome world.


CC 265 053 crop

The tail lights also came in for a rather unique treatment, they didn’t look red, until the lights were turned on.

CC 265 054 1200

Finding replacement vinyl with that distinctive pattern might be a challenge (I don’t mean the moss).

CC 265 053 1200

The door won’t close because the glass is quite out of alignment. Hey, but there’s no rust! That alone makes it worth an extra grand, no?