CC Outtake: 1935 Chevrolet Pickup – The 83 Year Old Daily Driver

I’ve been making quite a few runs to Home Depot lately, as it’s closer than my preferred local Jerry’s. And I’ve been seeing this ’35 Chevy pickup in the far end of the parking lot where the employees park. And it’s in a different spot every time I see it. So the other day I pulled over to take a quick look. I was curious most of all to find out how original the interior was, and whether it was still sitting on its original chassis.


Quite original indeed! I love the idea of someone driving an 80 year old car to work every day, in mostly original condition. It put a big smile on my face.


And yes, the front end, which I checked out, was also very much original, rusty leaf springs, solid axle and all.

Which leaves only the question of its power train. Could it be…?

Now I’m kicking myself for not getting on down on the pavement to check.  I will next time. If it’s a Chevy small block, I’ll not bother to report back.