CC Outtake: 1959 Thunderbird Consigned To The Trash Pile

CC 271 089 1200

I’ve been seeing following this ’59 T Bird for years now. I first shot about five years ago, and wrote up a full CC on it here. It used to sit in front of an older rental house near downtown. Then that house got sold, and the tenants had to move. Now here it is, a couple of blocks away, almost buried in trash. This is rather atypical of Eugene.

CC 271 087 1200

But here it is, along with an MN-12 Cougar and an Econoline, along with so much other detritus. That turquoise paint makes it stand out now, just as it did in 1959.

CC 271 091 1200

Just don’t let the trash man haul it away.

CC 1959 Thunderbird