Cohort Outtake: Jeepster Commando Custom Convertible

Jeepster conv fq

AGuyInVancouver posted a couple of shots of this very nice gen2 Jeepster. Now if you’re wondering why I made a point of writing out its full model name in the title, there’s a reason.

Jeepster 1966 custom conv

There were two versions of the Jeepster Sports Convertible, which appeared in 1966, obviously a re-incarnation of the original Jeepster, fifteen years later. The original was not a success, as a sporty runabout convertible, and it’s hard to imagine why it would be the second time around, except that of course sport utilities were starting to grow in popularity in the mid-late sixties.  So this is the Custom version, with the hard boot in the back, for the top when folded down.

Jeepster 1966 std conv

Meanwhile, this is the Standard Sports Convertible, without the boot, and with the top sloping back right to the tailgate. Amazing how they got these two models to recreate their poses perfectly with the second Jeepster. This is the version Jim Grey found and wrote up here.

Jeepster conv rrq

And here’s a good look at the Custom’s tail end. Frankly, these were a bit of an enigma to me when they first appeared. I knew of the original Jeepster, and found it a bit odd that they would re-create it again. And that little shelf butt was also a bit odd.

Jeepster 1966 -02-03

But the ads were compelling, in more ways than one. Who wouldn’t want to be there, especially if it can get you three cute California girls?