What If: Dodge Lancer Sedan And Hardtop Coupe

(first posted 11/4/2012)    One of my unfulfilled ambitions is to find a 1961-1962 Dodge Lancer on the street. Twin to the ’60-’62 Valiant, in some ways it was even odder yet; just not this odd. Casey at artandcolour recently revisited the Lancer, with a hardtop coupe (after the jump). He also posted this older chop of a sedan, which I find remarkably plausible, since it uses the wagon’s rear side window, but with a wrap-around rear pane. I bet if I told some younger readers that this was the Lancer, some might not bat an eyelash. The suicide rear door is a bit of a give-away, though. On to the coupe:

The Lancer’s hardtop roof was forced to use the same stamping as the sedan, resulting in an awkward compromise, even wen embellished with this unusual sunroof.

Casey has given the Lancer a very plausible new roof, and one that hints at the 1964 Barracuda as well as other Mopars of the time. Undoubtedly, it would have been a more effective competitor to the Falcon Futura and Corvair Monza.  Hyper-Pak slant six, four speed on the floor….