Cohort Classic: 1970 Buick Riviera GS Roadster – Sawzall Edition, Sans Top

(first posted 10/6/2012)     Somebody wasn’t content with GM’s decision to not make Riviera ragtops, and took matters–or Sawzall– into hand. CJCars just posted this to the Cohort, and it certainly looked like it could/should have come from from Flint. Well, eventually Buick did offer one in 1982, but that was almost twenty years after the Riviera took up battle with the Thunderbird, which certainly came in convertible versions (through 1966). Somebody just couldn’t wait.

The ’70 Riviera is hardly anybody’s favorite year, a rather blobbified version of what started out in 1966 as a classic Bill Mitchell-mobile of the highest caliber. And its front end has been drastically toned down, looking way too much like one of the lower-rung Buicks. Maybe that’s why this owner took a 1970 to be put to the torch: the least desirable of the gen2 Rivieras. And losing the top has done it some good.

I’m going to have to assume that there’s nothing under that rear cover other than the amputated stumps of the former C-pillar, as fitting a working top would be a mind-boggling undertaking. And those snaps along the belt line suggest a tonneau cover to protect the interior if need be. This car looks to be in California anyway, so it probably goes and hides in the garage during the occasional rain.

And there’s no locks for a top on the windshield header. A Riviera Roadster. Seems like the dash has come in for some customizing too. Someone order too much white vinyl?