CC Outtake: 1984 Dodge Ram 50 Pickup – Another odge

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Here’s the reason Dodge didn’t build a pickup version of the Caravan. Well, it’s not the only one; Chrysler struggled for years to keep up with the demand for their minivans; the last thing they needed was a low-volume, low-profit alternate version. Mitsubishi had what the market wanted then in a compact truck, and Dodge sold it happily enough, to compete with the Toyota, Datsun, and all the rest. This was once a pretty big segment of the market.

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Mitsubishi got into the minitruck market a bit late, not until 1978, as the Forte, in Japan it first appeared on these shores in 1980 as the Dodge D50, than switching to Ram 50 in 1982. I know the Mitsubishi 2.6 four was common in these, but the smaller 2.0 might have been available too.

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Given that this one has an automatic, it almost certainly has the 2.6. That’s an engine some hate on, yet I’ve known others that got very long service out of them. A mixed bag.

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Plymouth wanted in the game too, so for a few years a Plymouth badged version sold as the Arrow pickup was available. It was the only Plymouth RWD pickup offered ever, since WW2 anyway.

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There’s still a few of these Mitsubishi trucks around, but their numbers are dwindling. Is that stating the obvious?