Cohort Outtake: Dodge Caravan ‘Fargo’ Pickup – Picking Up Where The Rampage Left Off

Dodge Caravan PU fq

CC reader Gene Herman ran into this rather convincing conversion of a Dodge Caravan into a mini-pickup. I’ve seen crude hack jobs of this sort of thing, but this one is very professional. If someone didn’t know better, they’d undoubtedly be convinced it came from the factory like this, as a follow-up to the Dodge Rampage.

Dodge Caravan PU rr

And its maker has dubbed it ‘Fargo’, the name used for so many years by Chrysler for its trucks sold in Canada and some other countries.  Given how popular and well-loved the Caravan is in Canada, I might have tried to pull the wool over some eyes and claim it’s a factory truck. I can see some Canucks going for this; they’re so much more practical and thrifty than their profligate south of the border neighbors.

Dodge Caravan PU rq

Here it is with its tailgate down. Very nice work.

CC 166 113 800

Quite the contrast to this “woodie’ Caravan pickup I shot in Eugene a while back. The back of the cab is wide open, and the rear “tailgate” is held up by two bungee cords.

Dodge Caravan PU s

My only criticism is that its a short wheelbase Caravan; if it had been the long one, it would have been able to swallow 4×8 sheets just as well as a full-size pickup. Now that’s something to contemplate.