QOTD: What’s On Your Short List?

Welcome to winter in the Northern Hemisphere, where car guys with unheated garages hide indoors to drink hot beverages and consider what to do when the weather warms up.

So I’m just sitting here today with my coffee, considering my short list.  The short list of CC-worthy cars I’d like to own someday.  If I suddenly came into a quantity of money (and time and storage space and spousal goodwill) what would I buy?  Let’s limit the list to four vehicles today:

1969 Triumph Spitfire

Having had an unsuccessful TR4 project I’ve always wanted a rematch.  The Spitfire doesn’t get as much respect as the “big” Triumphs ( a relative term), but I quite like the MK III model with the original rounded back end, and raised front bumper.  The photo is a MK II but I love the dark green with Minilite wheels.

1939 Dodge Luxury Liner

My Dad’s first car was a 1938 Desoto, and one of my uncles had a 1939 Dodge project when I was a kid, so I’ve always been partial to 38-39 Mopar products.  All of them have a wonderful art deco dashboard, and there were both teardrop and rectangular headlight designs used depending on the model.

1965 Studebaker

I was manufactured in Hamilton just like a Studebaker.  Although we were born in different facilities it would be cool to have a car made in my home town.  The sweet spot for me is a 65 Daytona, which combines the upright greenhouse and four headlight front end styling with a Chevrolet 283 V8.

1970 VW Westfalia Camper Van

The big dollar item on my list, is this a vehicle choice or a lifestyle choice?  Every so often I ask my wife “Is it time to buy a VW camper van yet?”  Apparently it isn’t, the kids are still in high school and college is coming so we still need to work.  This image is from bodeswell.org documenting a family of three who have been on the road in their 1970 Westy for six years.  Recommended reading.

This list represents what I’d prefer given any choice, which must make me some sort of abnormal auto enthusiast.  I’d prefer a Spitfire to a Lamborghini, rather a Studebaker than a Hemi Cuda.  I guess I like to hold reachable dreams, I could find a nice example of any of these vehicles for under $15k.  That’s the list today, it’ll probably change tomorrow but that’s easy fun while it’s cold out.

What’s the top four cars on your short list today?