CC Outtake: 1986 Chevrolet Corvette C4 Convertible – A Surprise Find Near Home

Take a look at this photo- anything strikes you? I mean, besides the new-in-Israel Skoda Kodiaq SUV.

Not really a trick question, it’s quite a rare sight, not only the Corvette C4 but also red color itself. Anyway, this is what I saw on my way to the bus this morning, around 6:15. Given the low dawn light, had it not been for the red color I might have missed it.


So I moved in closer. Good thing the ‘Vette was parked just before a private parking entrance, thus making it more visible. The surprise was that this was not a classic parked on a public street for a short while, or during mid-day. In Israel, usually classics like those are parked hidden away during the night, much less a red convertible Corvette that might draw unwanted attention from potential vandals.

Walking right up to the Corvette, I lightly touched the hood. Yep- cold, this car was parked here overnight. Although I’m sure if this C4 was mine, I would never dream of parking it like this on the street, I must admit that starting my morning looking at one is nice- very nice, so hats off to its owner.

Its red color made me think I saw this car before earlier this year, and even caught it on dash-cam, but that other C4 was a coupe, not an open-top.

Side view contrasts the distinctive Corvette shape- and paint- with background modern cars. I’ll leave you with this last photo as I’ve already elaborated about the Corvette C4 scene in Israel here and uploaded photos of other C4s in both linked posts.