CC Outtake: 1991 Toyota MR2 – What A Difference A Good Polishing Makes

CC 271 075 1200

We’ve been walking past this MR2 for some years on our way downtown. I shot it five years ago, and it was the subject of the second CC ever posted here. And it was faded to a sickly shade of pink, having sat outside for probably all of its life and never getting polished. And then the other day, heading down the same street again, I’m dazzled by a shiny red object down the street. Wow; is that a Ferrari down there? No, just the same MR2, but with the benefit of a good polish and wax job. What a difference from how it looked before.

CC 125 069 800

Quite the transformation. This twenty-five year old car had been aging very gracefully enough, showing no signs of aging except for the faded skin.

CC 271 079 1200

And now it looks positively youthful. Gorgeous, actually, except for the stock steel wheels and wheel covers. This car is just crying out for a really nice set of appropriate alloys and a wee bit more rubber. Nothing too radical or crazy; just not those Camry-spec wheels. In my CC, I called this car “A Camry In Italian Drag”: All the durability and longevity of a Camry with a very healthy dose of Ferrari flair.

CC 271 077 crop-vert

It looks so nice I’m even going to redo the combined shot with the F355 that I did for its first CC. Looks even more Ferrari-like, even if the shade of red is not genuine Ferrari red.

ferrari fake mr2

Given the similarities, it should not come as a surprise to learn that this generation MR2 was the subject of at least one kit to transform it into an even closer facsimile. If you have bad eyesight that is, or just willfully ignorant. But the lifetime maintenance cost of this Toyota F355 will be less than one oil change on the real thing. Trade-offs; like everything else in life.

CC 271 077 1200

I’m guessing its owner walked out one day and said to himself  Jeez; it’s not like there’s a whole lot of pristine gen2 MR2s left in the world. I’ve really got something here, so maybe it deserves a good polish and wax. It’s not like it’s going to need anything else for a long time…