CC Outtake: GMC Jimmy With Wood Stick On Roof About To Be Towed

CC 271 082 1200

This Jimmy has been parked here too long and is at risk of being towed away. Will the world shed a tear if there’s one less Jimmy? 

CC 271 081 1200

The interior was filled well above the gunwales with stuff, so this is likely someone’s (non)rolling home. The passenger side rear tire was flat. And on the roof, a wood stick has been strapped on. It’s purpose will remain a mystery.

Why GM failed to properly develop the S-10 Blazer and Jimmy quickly enough to keep it competitive with the jeep Cherokee and Ford Explorer will always remain a mystery too. I called it a Deadly Sin for that; these trucklets had a head start, arriving in 1983 in two door form. And they were madly very popular at first, until the Cherokee’s four doors and other advantages quickly relegated it to also-ran status.

CC 271 083 1200

It took almost eight years for GM to add the second set of doors, by which time its early momentum was spent. GM failed to believe in this category, and Ford and Jeep walked away with the gold. Yes, GM still sold a healthy number of them, but they had become known to be generally inferior in a number of ways, and so were sold at lower price points; the same issue that affected almost all GM products during their protracted slide.

CC 271 080 1200

These are quickly disappearing from the streets, although not necessarily being towed away. Undoubtedly Cash For Clunkers was a significant factor in the reduction. Well, I’m sorry someone’s at risk of having their Jimmy towed, but I won’t exactly miss it.


GM’s Deadly Sin #5: 1985 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer