CC Outtake: 1999 Ford Taurus SE – Not Quite Your LTD Landau


Despite the styling trends of the Great Brougham Epoch falling out of fashion in the 1990s, many dealers and aftermarket conversion companies were still adorning new cars with decidedly Brougham styling accessories, whether they actually worked with aero styling or not.


These accessories were largely an attempt at providing Brougham stalwarts and non-aero embracing consumers (a.k.a. traditional-minded senior citizens) some sense of familiarity in the rapidly changing world of car design. You see, in 1989, if one wanted a car that looked similar to the one they bought in 1979, this was still very possible. Cars like the LTD Crown Victoria, Town Car, and Caprice were essentially the same beyond minor styling changes, and many other cars still sported very familiar boxy, upright styling, even if they were smaller than their predecessors were. By 1999 however, rounded, aerodynamic styling had reached nearly every nook and cranny of the automobile industry, as far as cars were concerned.


This 1999 Taurus SE sports a rather odd combination of Brougham-inspired and very un-Brougham trim. The canvas coach roof and spoiler actually don’t look quite so atrocious, as covering the rear quarter windows gives the ovoid Taurus a more conventional roofline, and the spoiler offsets the droopy trunk. Yet the tacky fender flares and fleet grade wheel covers totally clash with the car’s pseudo-Brougham aura. Post-Malaise Era cars in general were not best suited for Broughamification, but the overly ovoid third generation Taurus, in particular, exhibited highly anti-Brougham sheetmetal. Clearly, this didn’t stop some from getting their midsize blue oval Brougham on in 1999.

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