CC Outtake: A 2-Door Blazer (and Bravada and Astro) Lover Lives Here

I spotted this interesting collection of vintage mid-sized GM truck collection on a walk a little while back. There’s two of the rather rare swb 2-door Blazers in back, an Olds Bravada 4-door version and an Astro van to round out the collection. Maybe I should say a 4.3 V6 lover lives here.


I couldn’t get a good shot of the 2-door Blazers. They’ve become pretty rare these days, as they were always a modest seller compared to the four door version. It’s  abit surprising GM even bothered. The Bravada seems to have been the object of a break-in.


And early, swb Astro vans aren’t getting any more common either. This person is keeping GM’s golden years going in his front yard.