CC Outtake: A Toyota FJ55 Land Cruiser Has Come To Town

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Someone has towed home a new project car, and it’s a tough one, literally. 

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The FJ55 Land Cruiser was the FJ40’s big brother, with a long wheelbase and squared-off styling. These were  legendary trucks, and were the ones that muscled the Land Rover out of Africa. They were popular in the deserts and mountains of America’s West too.

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This one hails from Arizona, which means it’s a former desert rat, and rust, other than superficial, will be a non-issue. The colors alone suggest the desert.

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The FJ55 had a long run, starting in 1968 all the way through 1979, at least in some places. The engine was the rugged 3.9L ohv six, an engine that got a lot of inspiration from the GMC and Chevrolet sixes of the 40s and 50s. It was rated at 125 hp @3600 rpm. beginning in 1975, it got a bump to 4.2 L and 135 hp. Transmission was a three speed until 1974, when a four speed took over.

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To how many remote Arizona desert spots have these seats carried its occupants?

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The four wheel drive system was traditional old school, with solid axles and two-speed transfer case. The ride was as rough as gnarly as it looks. But these quickly developed a rep for getting one home, which was the most important thing.

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Needless to say, it hasn’t come home under its own power this time. A bit embarrassing for it, but not necessarily a result it being unable, but more likely the new owner was unwilling to put it to the test. Or just couldn’t face that long of a ride in it.


Toyota Land Cruiser history here: CC 1965 Toyota FJ – The First Toyota Sent Out To Conquer The World