Thank You, For A Number Of Things


I’m feeling thankful today, for a number of things:

1. New Contributors: I put out a ” Help Wanted” sign recently, and I’ve been almost overwhelmed by the response. The direct result is a number of new excellent Contributors: Jeremiah Birnbaum, Roger Carr (coming soon), David Fogel, GGH06, Walter Rorhl, mcc.pj (coming soon), and David Skinner. They join several other Contributors that had started recently before: Carlo Di Tullio, Mr. Edward Mann, Brendan Saur, and Juan Agostin Romero Melchior.  If I’ve missed any recently new/active Contributors, speak up. And thanks to the occasional/one time Contributors too.

They’re all off to an excellent start, and it’s always refreshing to hear new voices here. Thank you all for throwing your hats in the CC ring!

2. Our Existing Corps of Writers/Editors: I never fail to be impressed with what the gang comes up with. Thank you Jim(s), Ed(s), Tom, Jason, Laurence, David, Tony, Robert, and Kevin, for keeping CC rolling. And a special thanks to those of you that made it to Iowa.

3. The CC Commentariat: The level and spirit of commenting here is what really sets CC apart, and makes hanging out here such an endlessly enjoyable and learning experience. We manage to stick to the cars, our experiences, and anything else relevant, and manage to stay away from politics and other divisive issues. We can have civil debates, and keep from making personal attacks. And I can count on you to let others know when they’re crossing the lines. It’s clear that you all want to preserve the quality of commenting, and I’m with you 100%.

I do occasionally remove/edit comments that are personal attacks, or otherwise not in the spirit of the site. And I write to repeat offenders. I’m not interested in becoming a banning-fiend or control freak, and you’re welcome to critique the content, but in a constructive spirit. If there is a serious issue, please write me at the Contact Form.

4. CC Readers: Many of you may not comment, but I know you’re out there. Thanks just for being there.

5. CC Donors: A few of you have chosen to make a donation to help keep the wheels rolling here; thank you.

6. Stephanie: For talking me out of giving up a few times along the way, and for giving me a pass on not doing the dishes as often as I used to (among other things).

7. For having left TTAC: And I want to give my support to Steve Lang, who quit today over another stupid and divisive post by the Executive Editor. You won’t regret it, Steve.

7. Misc: All the other things that have made creating this community of like-minded car nuts possible, but I can’t think of right now.

Thank You!