CC Outtake: CUVs Then, and Sort of Then – If the GLK Had Been Built by Honda There Might Be One in Our Driveway

Normally these aren’t exactly the kind of cars that catch my eye, but there was something about this pairing of a gen1 Honda CRV and a Mercedes GLK that…did. Oddly enough, what’s most interesting about them is just how similar they actually are, in relative terms. Just about all CUVs have become these big, round roly-poly  things, yet the GLK was almost retro in its rectilinear and blocky design. And I quite rather liked it for that. Of course, that’s history now, as its replacement, the GLC, has abandoned that for the predictable roly-poly look.

The CRV was of course one of the pioneers of the segment, appearing in Japan in 1995 and in the US two years later. It and the Toyota Rav4 get credit for popularizing the craze for ‘cute utes”, as they were called back then. And the sheer number of these still plying the streets of Eugen is quite remarkable.

As are the basic stylistic similarities with the GLK, at least in relative terms.

Stephanie quite rather likes the GLK too. In fact, it’s the one (and only) CUV she’s rather smitten by. And she’s beginning to realize that the TSX wagon, her daily driver, is a bit low, long and wide in and around town. Now of there had been a Honda or Acura badge on the GLK, I rather suspect there might well be one in the driveway. We keep our cars for a long time, and I’m not quite willing to bet on a Mercedes for the long haul.