QOTD: Which 1974 GM “Small Car” Would You Buy?

Last week, we took a look at another multi-marque ad from General Motors in 1974. This one focusses on GM’s smallest offerings from the X-Body, F-Body, H-Body and Opel lines.

It’s not as intriguing as GM’s personal cars ad from 1974. There are neither women matching their outfits to their cars nor cowboys, but there are still some observations to make. The Opel, for example, doesn’t seem to have an owner. Those silver-haired people in the bottom right look like the owners of the Apollo, which, despite its raised-letter tires and Buick rally wheels, looks rather more senior-friendly than the other cars. The [human] models in this ad just aren’t as interesting as in the other and just look like regular people in fairly unspectacular 1970s clothing, the exception being the handsome African-American guy and his rather gaudy jacket.

These pre-1975 X-Body clones are rather unexciting and the Opel looks lithe and exotic in comparison. The X-Body generally looked best as a Chevy, although that ’74 GTO is intriguing for its rarity and for the hatred it receives from many enthusiasts—it really would have been more respected if it hadn’t worn the GTO name!

Which of the pictured cars would you choose? Personally, I didn’t even have to think. Give me that ’74 Firebird Formula, even if it isn’t as pretty as a ’73 or a ’77.