CC Outtake: Ford Econoline Camper Van With Front-Mounted Veggie Garden

Now here’s something I’m going to have to add to my Promaster van build: a front-mounted veggie garden. When we’re out camping in the boonies, the one thing we miss is the fresh produce from our back yard garden. No more. These folks eat their spinach and kale no matter where they are. And yes, they’ve though about the aerodynamic effects on the greens.


They’ve re-purposed various discarded items into effective guards to keep the wind from blowing the plants away. Who wants to see the arugula stuck in the windshield wiper arms?

Now all they need is a roof-top chicken coop like these folks have on their converted camper school bus. BTW, I still see that bus from time to time, and you’ll be happy to know the chickens are doing just fine.

So do you feel like you’re getting to know Eugene?