CC Outtake: Geo Metro Minimalist – The Ultimate Stripper

We’ve got quite a thing for strippers here at CC, so needless to say, this one stopped my dead in my tracks. When’s the last time you saw a Geo Metro Minimalist? I thought so. But if there’s one to be found, Eugene is the place.


Under the hood; I mean where the hood would be in a regular Metro, the engine and related parts are all there. So no scrimping on the important stuff; all three cylinders are accounted for.

In the interior; well, that isn’t quite the right word,is it? In the front seating area, things have definitely been slimmed down some, but at least there’s not just some lawn chairs. Who needs an instrument panel anyway? When the wind is blowing straight into your face, it’s pretty easy to tell how fast one is going.

And ventilation is certainly not an issue.

Rear seating is a bit more spartan.

Surprisingly, there’s a spare. Well, this car is all about functionality over comforts, and a spare can come in mighty handy. No jack though, but this Metro is so light, it’s no problem for a couple of folks to lift it up while a wheel is changed.

It makes a handy little runabout pickup, of sorts. Maybe a piece of plywood in back would give it a better floor for loading.

Here it is, in profile. And one thing is for sure: this Metro gets spectacular mileage. The EPA rated the minimalist version at 93 mpg.

That’s even better than the famous 84 mpg VW Beetle.