CC Outtake: Maverick Four-Door Sedan – Student Transport, Then and Now

This shot could have been taken near any university or college campus in the past 40 years: a slightly beat-up Maverick in front of a tired old student rental house. I remember a girl down the street in Iowa City in 1976 whose parents sent her off to the U of I in one like this. And here it is 2017, and kids ares still driving them here at the U of O. What’s the appeal?


Beats me, as I was never a big Maverick fan. But there are explanations. Back then, it was parents who didn’t yet trust their daughters in one of them furrin’ jobs. Today, the Maverick is mighty cool in a sea of furrin’ jobs.  Especially an orange one. What more is there to say?



It’s not the only one like this I’ve seen students driving recently. Two years ago, I posted another one, a yellow two door. But the color combination of this Mav’ and the house behind it is so…1974.



At least the four door has a semi-decent back seat, unlike the coupe.



The front seat shows a wee bit more wear than the rear. And both have a surprising little touch of Non-Anti-Establishment Di-Noc on their doors.


The orange highlight around the maverick badge is a nice touch. Wonder what spicy engine is hiding behind the plastic grille.


Makes for quite the contrast with the house (and cars) next door. A true time-traveler.